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Electronic Blue room welcome

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Jean Shin

Welcome to my tumblr weblog.

I plan to share on my weblog comments and information concerning the integration of digital technology, equipment and Internet resources for instruction to my art room. This year I signed up to attend a course about digital technology. As part of the course requirement, I was assigned the task of designing a weblog about a subject of my interest. I was reminded to select a topic of my interest or concern. So, I chose to share in my blog comments, articles, blogs, podcasts, etc about the new trends and resources available to art teachers to enhance their teaching practices in the art classrooms.

Every day new resources become available and impressive technologies and equipment rise to challenge the teacher’s role in education. The electronic and digital culture is impressive. Teachers need to face the challenges, both, inside and outside the classrooms. We need to re educate and train ourselves.

 On my recent trip to NYC, I attended the annual National Art Education Conference. I was impressed to discover the many activities and programs taking shape which integrate technology and the internet to enhance “and re-envision teaching and learning in art classrooms”. It had been almost 10 years when I last attended a conference where over 7,000 teachers attended five days of conferences and seminars. It was years since I had attended a convention of such magnitude; only to discover the drastic changes and innovations in the field of education and technology. The web and electronic resources has transformed student’s engagement with meaningful instruction and activities with art.   These new techniques and strategies have engaged students with meaningful learning activities that construct their own knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

The ideas, resources, activities, and strategies shared and discussed among art teachers today will be the source of inspiration for my weblog. It is, and will be, an extreme challenge for me to weave Internet tools, resources and technology into my curriculum, but I need to immerse myself into the electronic culture and adapt. I invite you to join me in my journey as I explore my way around the web.

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